March Renaissance2000 Poets

Lauren Hight

  • Feeling Love

    Kellie Mace

  • In Comparison
  • Broken Armor
  • I See So Much


  • Universal Abandon

    Teresa Gibson

  • Asleep or Awake?
  • My Soulmate
  • Now You're In My Life
  • Travis

    Derick Pallotti

  • Love is an Outreached Hand

    Erin Kennedy

  • Dreamer's Playland
  • Life's Cycle
  • Pleasure in Love
  • Quality in Pesos

    Anthony Jackson

  • Staying
  • A Moonless Night
  • Into Forever
  • Lending Beauty

    Jeeves Kel

  • In Time
  • My Rose is Black
  • An Average Day

    Mary Anne Jones

  • A Tribute

    Brett Smithson

  • Katy's Love Poem
  • What Poetry Is

    Poetry is a type of writing different from all others. It can capture the soul in a matter of moments and then release it at will forever changed to the rest of the world. Sometimes a poem will say in a few powerful sentences what took hours upon days to create in the mind. It all begins with an idea. Sometime's this idea will come in a flash as it does often in a dream. Other times it takes many changes and revisions of the pen until the evolution of the words are nurtured to the point where they don't resemble the original lines at all. Still they both boast the very same message of phantasmic importance.

    I find a poem can be created out of virtually any situation leaving endless possibilities to capture original spirit. A poem is a part of the writers heart extended with open arms to the reader. It is almost as if the poet is saying "This is what I believe. This is what has happened to me and this is what I've experienced. Join me in this moment as we are both living life for the first time together, and let us revel in the grandeur that is now."

    As the poet has worked timelessly to welcome you into his experience and/or idea, it is your job as the reader to do nothing more than to keep an open mind, as you realize that you are a guest in both this new experience and in this idea. Also you must learn to be captivated by the beauty that is poetry. Let it flow throughout your veins and into your soul. To be infused with poetry is to be infused with life. One must realize that this is what poetry is; a celebration of what life stands for at the time the authors pen meets his paper. A celebration of everlasting life recorded in beautiful symbolic messages. And lastly, a celebration of the undying human emotion wrought throughout time.

    By: Jeeves Kel

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