This will be a section of random thoughts to ponder, as sent in by our wonderfully creative artists out there. Enjoy and think deep thoughts, I promise it will not hurt you!

So many people come and go from our lives, leaving us in a perpetual wake mostly wishing they could have stayed a bit longer instead of being on their way to bless others with equal joy. Still, we should realize that we cannot hog all the truly wonderful souls for our existance. Both saintly souls and lost souls exist. If we take up all the great people, would that not leave everyone else stuck with the jerks?! Though it may feel like we are surrounded by jerks sometimes, we are not. There are always sweet souls near at hand. We have only to search out that spark in those around us to realize it.

I miss the little guy I was before I grew up and forgot. Forgot what? Forgot to pay attention to the little things and the people whom have made me the person I am today. Growing up I knew I was loved dearly and protected, and adults rarely retain that comfort in my experience.

        Anthony Jackson
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