Soulmates: Another Essay on Love

Let us contemplate love for a bit, shall we? Not that fleeting false love known as simple lust. No, I want to reflect on finding that special love that you know from its inception that it shall never fade from your heart or its companion. I am talking about that person out there that you recognize from the first moment as being different. Call them what you will: soulmate, companion soul, your true love, your perfect match, your kindred soul; for all are equally accurate.
What of these wonderous beings some don't believe even exist? We shall get to that in due time, but first let me explain why some question the theory of soulmates. The answer is simple: Their souls aren't ready to meet their soulmates yet. Either they're timing is amiss or they haven't come into contact with them yet. If one is to believe that there is one person out there perfect for us, one must also concede that the other end of the spectum must also be equally viable. So if there is a perfect person for us and a person perfectly wrong for us, that defines the universe of our lovelife.

(Perfect-almost perfect--so-so--wrong--all wrong)

As shown above, there must also be other levels of compatability in every relationship in which we enter. The goal then would be to work our way, starting as close to perfect as we could and keep proceeding in that direction until we end up with our soulmate. The people who give up on finding their soulmates simply start from very close to all wrong and learn love's lessons slowly so they see no progress towards the love of their life. If they never meet their soulmate it is due to the fact that they have cheated themselves by refusing to believe or by booby-trapping their relationships so they don't have to concede there is a higher order at work.
Anyway, it is not those negative people I want to discuss, because, as anyone who knows me will tell you, I like to dwell in positive thinking for it will bring you so many more blessings in life. No, let those who dwell in negativity enjoy their self-inflicted purgetory of the heart, and we shall bask in an eternal love that never ends.
I guess this writing is nothing more than loosely collected thoughts on love meant to inspire the reader to clense his/her heart of all negativity. Love, when it is true, when it is forever, will prove itself to you over and over without end. It is that warm feeling that fills your heart and puts your head in the clouds when you think of your significant other. It is that awe-inspiring force that feels like a hurricane in your heart, that comes out of nowhere and leaves you completely content, sitting in the eye of the storm. It is all these things and so much more, and once you find it you have to recognize it. You have to trust yourself enough to know when that love enters your life.
You hear of people who marry their high school sweethearts and live happily ever after. Those people who find the love of their lives early on are truly blessed because the get to experience so much more of live's wonders and spend so much more time with their love. However, although they know that they love them, you have to wonder if they can truly appreciate the blessing bestowed upon them. How can you fully understand how much someone means to you if you have never had to be away from them? I have a hard time believing you can fully appreciate them.
Also, if you have to go through several other relationships (of various levels of difficulty) to get to that special someone, it will mean that much more to you. Why? Well, because you have seen how bad some relationships can be, and that all-important knowledge makes you understand what you have. Let me stress, these are not deep thoughts. This is simple common sense.
Let us switch gears a minute. We have been talking about soulmates, which you might also refer to as the love of your life. Well what is "love"? As someone once said, "Love is friendship set on fire." It is that warm feeling you get when you look deep in her eyes. It is perfect intentions of making another as happy as you can for all eternity. and putting their happiness before you own if it must be that way. Love is unconditional. Love is blind. Love is what makes life, so painful, worth living.
Now I ask you, how many people in your life do you honestly feel that strongly for, to put their happiness before your own because you know they will do the same for you? I am sure that list is a short one. It has to be because the more you divide you affection, the less you can wholly give a person. That is what makes loving a person so special. Family receives our love. Offspring receives our love. Our life-partner receives our love. Life-long friends receives our love, but you have to keep in mind how few of those you are afforded. That is a short list. Now, I am not saying that we don't feel compassion for others or care for them. I am saying it is a different degree of emotion.

I feel this writing is incomplete so I will probably add to it sometime soon.

by: Anthony AJ Jackson
7-22-99 7:30p.m.