Simple Joys of Being In Love

Much has been written on the subject of love in general, yet little effort and few words have been devoted to the appreciation of its finer- even if smaller- aspects. As I see it, the minute details are infinitely the most important.

A shared glance, both intense and mesmerizing. The caress of your lover's gentle yet assertive hand. Words blurted in unison, evidence surely of mind linkage. Her voice, and its ability to send estatic chills through you with each word passing her plump lips. Waking aside another, aside her, each morning, vibrant and curiously awaiting the possibilities the newborn day holds for the two of you.

Yes, indeed, the shading of her rosebud lips upturned in joy, smiling a smile only lovers know how to wear. Greatest of all to witness is the exchange of hearts, in words, in deeds, in thoughts, and especially in truth.

These things, as all else of great value, are sadly never fully appreciated as they occur, but rather later in a bitter-sweet longing to regain that moment which has been forever lost.