Renaissance2000: Where Art Lives

The goal of this electronic magazine is to give unknown artists not only a voice but also an audience to hear what that voice has to say. Renaissance2000 is dedicating itself to the pursuit of every artist's greatest desire. That desire is to flood society with so much beauty that the world, up to its axis in aesthetic expressions, has no choice but to be altered for the better.

The only way to spark an overflow of that magnitude is to show everyone they have creative talents that need nourishing. Everyone must realize that they too are artists if they choose to be an artist. To be an artist does not require a certificate from some institution of higher learning. The moment you create something you are an artist. Anyone who has created a piece of art they want to showcase, be it poetry, prose, a painting, a photograph, a song, etc., can have it published.

Renaissance2000 is a free quarterly electronic artistic variety magazine. Anyone who wants to receive a copy may subscribe for free by emailing and typing Subscribe in the subject line, or if it is your desire to have something of yours published by Renaissance2000 email the same address and put Submission in the subject line. If you submit to the ezine you will automatically be subscribed as well.

The email should also state that you give Renaissance2000 permission to publish your work and that you are the originator of it. Give any contact and biographical information you would like to appear with your works.

Together we can affect our world for the better. I leave you with this the world left better to be driven by greed or by innovative, inventive, and creative artistic endeavors? Ponder, friends, and email me when you reach the inevitable answer.

Anthony Jackson