Reconciling Differences

by Bob L. Sturm, composerscientist

The music you will hear on the next page is dedicated to Anthony Knight, web poet and artist. As the title states the piece is concerned with unifying seemingly disparate entities, such as music and science. Inspecting the similarities between two such things ultimately leads to an enrichment of both via sharing methods, such as sonifying radioactivity for musical purposes, or asking a question of physics inspired by sound synthesis.

The piece is completely dynamic and will be different for every visit. Feel free to look at the source code for details of the algorithm I constructed. The piece has 400 iterations, divided into 4 sections of varying length. The piece is constructed as a Hegelian dialectic, where the first movement is a thesis, the second movement is its antithesis, the penultimate movement is the synthesis, and the final movement is a recapitulation.

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To learn more about Bob, and view more musical experiments with Beatnik, visit his homepage.

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