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I Love You

I Love You
I watch as you walk to me
as your eyes fix on mine
A smile begins to stretch across my face
All the world around me begins to fade away
Now our prayers are finally granted
It's just you and me
Exactly how it should be
On our island of hope
It's just you and me
On our island of love
Won't you let me surround you
like the sky does the clouds?
Won't you let me surround you
like the sea does the shore?
Won't you let me surround you like the universe does the stars?
Let me be the warmth your body needs
Let me be the reason your heart beats
So we may be equal for that's what you are to me
Every time I'm close to you
You take my breath away
I can't just walk away
So I hold you close
And tell you I love you.
The nights are too long to be spent without you.
A bed filled with loneliness
when I wake up without you
I feel lost and grieve at the
thought of not having you.
I don't know how to show you
my heart, soul, and mind needs you.
A guardian keeping me warm;
giving a meaning to my life.
So don't ever forget how much
I love you.
And as you walk away
Know that it's hard letting you go
and as I turn my back
Know that I am leaving part of my soul.

Lauren Hight
All Rights Reserved 2000.