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The Crossings of the Road

The roads of love are curvy,
And filled with holes of pain.
Silence brings forth insanity,
while noises are hard to explain.
The silence that longs for happiness,
the noises longing for live
unwilling to accept anything less
then a heavensent guiding shove.
Are the soiled trails we travel,
less in greatness then the paved roads?
Do our dreams fall with the gavel
If the wrong path we decide to follow. 

Is it not life's glorious goal,
to find someone to share in your life? 
to completely dedicate your heart and soul to ending your lover's strife? 

And is it not equally their job,
to comfort you when life swerves?
To wipe away every tear and sob
and ride along through all the curves. 

The strength to struggle through each day 
comes from the fountain of love's light 
It an heal your needs in every way
and bring you enlightening sight. 

So when does life fulfill your dreams,
and bring you the healer of your fears? 
It's not amazing, difficult, or extreme. 
It comes when you alone can see joyful tears. 

The day this star-chosen soulmate crosses your path, may come on the day you chance it, 
journeying the soiled trail. and whether you have crossed with the love that will last only your innocent, trusting heart can truthfully tell. 

The mysteries of life, the mysteries of love, 
the desire to have someone to hold. 
Feelings come from the confusions of spirits above, 
who leave answers only at the crossings of the road. 

Lauren Hight
All Rights Reserved 1999.