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Anonymous Words to a Far-Away Friend

I sit and type type type endless words, thoughts, actions, feelings... The miles between us shrink to mere inches; shaved off at the speed of light over a telephone line; bringing you into my room, my heart, though you are six hours away. Over the weeks and months, you went from an unknown letter in my inbox to the centerpiece of my life...filling my screen with messages and my heart with the love that you give me. I never saw your face, yet you were in my mind's eye since the beginning...the beginning of our correspondnce, or the beginning of time? Take your pick...they are now one and the same. The first time I saw your eyes, my own eyes were opened. I felt something familiar in those eyes. I felt a warm calm I had never known. The sun was brighter. Music sounded more beautiful. People were happier. The world itself spun a little smoother, and slowed itself, as if to make our time together last as long as possible... But time has no meaning to us from here on...our love transends the mortal coil...spanning all of creation, it has always been there, and will always be there, holding us together along with the rest of the universe, if neccesary. Nothing is outside of our grasp. How long will it be before you see what I see? Before you know what I know? That we have always been together, long before we met. That we were one, long before we were separated by space and time. I have always loved you; this much i know. As I know that all you must do is see it. All you must do is want it. And it will happen. And when it does, all the angels in all the heavens will rejoice, for two more souls have found each other. Formerly lost to one another, they now have been rejoined...and somewhere...perhaps far beyond the farthest star...or perhaps high above the highest cloud...or maybe deep inside our own hearts and souls...somewhere...God will smile.

Brett Smithson 2/2000
All Rights Reserved.