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Ask Umberto is I, Umberto the Advice...person. 
ACK! My head...those margarita's pack a punch when taken 
three at a time...But enough of my chemical addictions!
On to the advice! 

Dear Umberto I went out with this guy last week. He opened my door, he bought me dinner, he kissed me goodnight, but on the cheek. Was it a date or not? I mean, we are only friends. JK

Dear "JK", Uh, unless I missed something, yea, that was a date. I don't care if you were friends or was a date date date date. Period. Guys do not spend money on girls who they are not trying to hook up with. Of course, I use them term "hook up" rather loosely...the guy may be just trying to get in your knickers but hey, that is definitly hooking up in my book, if only for about an hour. The only situations where it would not be a date: 1. He's gay 2. He's your father 3. He's gay 4. He's your father, who is gay 5. He's your brother, who is gay That's about it...

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