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He came into this world,
A special child.
An Angel from God
Or so, many did feel.
He never walked.
He never talked.
He couln't run and play,
As other children could.
But he enjoyed life.
And brought much joy
To the lives of those around him.
He had a special love
That he shared with his family.
We all knew....
He loved us very much!
God gave him special parents.
They loved him very much.
He couldn't hold them,
As they held him.
He never called out,
His Mothers name. 
He couldn't bring her wildflowers from outdoors. He couldn't make her special cards 
For Mother's Day and other holidays.
But i'm sure he would've...
Had he been able to.
His gifts were given
In his special ways.
In the looks in his eyes
And the warmth of his touch. 
The special way he lit up when he was happy. Made up for all the material things 
He could've shared.
He never took life for granted.
He lived each day to the fullest.
Although he suffered much pain.
As he struggled to exist on this earth.
But he's now in Heaven.
He can run and play, 
And all the things he never could do here. His love sill remains. 
His presence are here.
He's a part of everyday.
How fortunate we were,
To have had such a blessing from God.
A special angel,
Only borrowed for a time.
But left with memories
That will last our whole lives through. 
When you see the pink streaks in the sky, Think of him. 
That's the tracks from his skateboard
And rollerblades.
Each time you see a rainbow...
Know he's smiling down upon you.
And when you see the brightest star
Twinkling in the night,
Well, that's the sparkle
In his eyes.
This special child.....
The angel of ours. 

By: Teresa Gibson 2-2-00
All Rights Reserved 2000.

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