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My Soulmate

It seemed like forever,
That I longed for a soulmate.
Hiding a secret ache in my heart,
That never was satisfied.

I can remember staring out,
At quiet, star-filled nights.
Whispering prayers that someday,somewhere, I
would find that one special person,
Who was meant for me.

I imagined us laughing at silly things,
Sharing tears over sad things.
We would lapse into comfortable silences,
As we read each others thoughts.

We would love each other,
Passionately and totally.
And soul-to-soul.

I waited and dreamed.
And dreamed and waited.
After awhile, I began to think....
My dream was exactly that.
Only a dream.
Then my love....
I met you!

By: Teresa E. Gibson
1-00 All Rights Reserved.

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