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A Tribute

Thank you,Bill! It`s time, to you, someone said something NICE!
For without YOUR expertise I might, just, be playing bingo or shooting dice!
For you see, I live in Vegas and that`s what I used to do...
UNTIL we were blessed with a genius like YOU!
NOW, even granny, can talk the talk! LOL! ;) Cuz on THIS special highway
no one can see how bent or slow she has to walk.
Granny can feel young again!
She and gramps can laugh and joke, as in the days of yore!
Even if these ARE the "Golden Years" life no longer is a bore!
And ALL those who are housebound!
Just THINK how you`ve turned THEIR world around!
Young fellows, overseas, fighting a war...
Who because of YOU can get important info, all the MORE!
That`s just a smidgeon of all you`ve done,
and I wanted to SOMEHOW thank you for creating all this HELP and FUN!

Thanks B.G.

Mary Anne Chipman Jones
ŽJanuary 12,2000 All Rights Reserved.

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