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Broken Armor

I used to watch you and fantasize
and that felt better than holding you for real.
From afar I saw the stars In your eyes
Now I only feel A cold ice blue storm
raging inside our cloud nine
Yes, I wanna be with you,
but only in my mind!
Your pedestal has fallen.
Somehow you've lost your crown.
Your white horse is missing,
and your armor's broken down.
Your eyes have lost their vibrant sheen.
Your smile is majestic no more.
In reality, you're no dream
and your wings are on the floor.
Your love and light shine only from afar.
It's as tragic as Shakespeare.
I'm sorry Romeo but Juliet's
tears are inevitably aflow.
Fly away on my fantasy.
Give it reason to live again.
Take your place hearts away
And let my soul embrace you
as the magician you were before you revealed
the tricks are simplistic and love is better left UNREAL.

Kellie Mace
All Rights Reserved 2000.

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