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I See So Much

I see so much I don't care to absorb
And feel so much I would die to ignore
I love so much i would rather die
Than not feel such heaven as that in your eyes
So breathe into my mouth your soul
I will smile deep down within my sobbing throat
And praise God for forbidden fruit
That informs our innocence of inevitable truths
Such as those that make us fall
In and out of love and crawl
Searching for crumbs of memory's delicacies...
From the deepest havens of our soul we breed insatiable desire
For less anonymity to the angels that make our hearts breathe fire
Flaming forth a blaming torch
Why are we so far down here
Soaked and choked by only angels tears...
Directly affected by others' glares
You wish as I do that you didn't have to care
But you do. I bleed too.
We'll live painfully through this
And eventually find bliss
Sometime soon infinite reality declares
We will find some heaven in a vacuum of despair
In this moment aware of now
Feels so similar to heaven you should invest in moments somehow.

By: Kellie Mace
All Rights Reserved 2000.

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