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In Comparison

She's as pretty in pink as you are in black
She looks like your dream my heart attack
Her smile is a light bulb, wattage in the stratosphere
Her hair is weaved of silky things even I find dear
So I can envy when you french her how you must feel
As butterflies flutter and fireworks unveil
At your wedding I bet even I will cry
Tears of joy for your heart (which I miss) as it flies!
In that Cinderella white gown she'll epitomize
Cherubic beauty making even angels surprised
Her magnetic majestic disposition makes me look like a clown
She breathes heaven into your soul as I drift away and fall further down
Do I ever cross your mind since her entrance graced your world?
Are you ever caught up in remembrance of me your last forlorn lost girl?
I'll wear circus pants when you betrothe her
and I'll paint big red pouting lips as you behold her
Gliding down the aisle, halo intact
You will priase God as I fight a hear attack
I hope you forever successfully meld with her glory
And as her siamese twin angel create one helluva wonderful fairy tale story!
I feel like a wounded ballerina closed curtain, no applause
Haven given you my all without the pleasure of good cause

By: Kellie Mace
All Rights Reserved 2000.

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