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The Average Day


My waking eyes seem galvanized,
By a rising suns appeal.
The scintillating tease of light,
Turns dreams to what is real.
The fog then lifts out hilly rifts,
And the breeze then sways the trees.
My waking eyes seem tantalized,
By a new days look and feel.

As I rise up out my slumber,
Freshly fit for new days toil.
Never ending benign slumber,
Ever pending sunrise spoil.
Next in queue a heartfelt few,
Of simple tasks my lover asks.
Might I try forget and slumber,
Seething then my guilt does boil.

Might I miss a chance to prove my,
Love for thee in satiate.
Loving free that thou art groomed by.
Love of work ingratiate.
And so thy tasks my lover asks,
Are done in heed with fleety speed.
Not I miss a chance to prove my,
Love for thee with grace in fate.

On I move past gentle daybreak,
Apt my days will soon repeat.
Never once a varied namesake.
Ne'er a change, all acts repeat.
Cruel and strange redundant feat.
Ne'er a change, all acts repeat.
Nary a vary doth I meet.
Ne'er a change, all acts repeat.

Solitude that's quite confining,
Never found etched in my slate.
Solitude with grand refining,
Merging souls I and my mate.
'Twas a time not caught in rhyme,
Words can't capture bless'd rapture.
Deft refining us intwining.
Je parle de vous mon kate parfait.

Making redundance seem worthwhile,
Worthy of my interest.
Interesting vapid trial,
Tried and changed to joy and jest.
Winsome beauty changeling duty,
Changing trite to winsome booty.
Bountiful plunder of thy smile,
Winsome beauty's very best.

Then next my body lies prostrate,
With an ebbing suns paled ray.
My haggard wilt and weary state,
Brings rest that rights decay.
My mindful eye turns mind to I,
While minding joy so bold yet coy.
Always my mind doth you elate,
With mirth in the average day.

And so thy sends off starken moon,
Breached of pain bereaved of naught.
Hearkened thought the near forenoon,
My bless'd hearkened starken thought.
Greave not I of days gone by,
I reminisce on every kiss.
I hearken to thy every swoon,
Thy bless'd swoon mine hope has sought.


Jeeves Kel

© 2000