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My Rose is Black


At one point in time during every man's life
He comes across his dreams
A rose basks in full view of the sun after birthing through the earth

At one point in time during every man's life
He finds a family that he fits in to better than his own
The rose unknowlingly rises up through a garden of violets

At another point during every mans life
He finds the woman that he loves
The rose is plucked and wrapped inside of a beautiful ribbon

During one point of every mans life
He is in rapture with a woman he believes in
The rose is given as a token of caring

Within the limits of every mans life
He embraces the gift of time
The rose is placed within a vase

Once in a lifetime all of these things happen to a man
And the thing that seperates all men from children ---
Is men seize these moments with clenched fists that never again will open
My moment has just slipped between my fingers---
I now, forever in time and memory, am but a child
The rose wilts and cracks within the vase


Jeeves Kel

© 2000