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In Time


You look into my eyes and say,
Just what's that supposed to mean.
Fancies next did supervene,
And carried all my thoughts away.
Answers for thy scold cotquean?
Well here is what mine eyes did say.

Certainly I will not prevail.
Show with ease these thoughts of mine,
Simple views through complex eyen,
Obscure to those who won't travail.
Heart within that soul of thine,
Makes sure to me thy want shan't fail.

Tear will thee the lands apart,
Searching answers of unknown.
For this quest I will atone.
Apologies held in my heart,
Surely melt thy grief of stone.
Next revelations soon did start.

In time, in time, I say in time,
You will see my means of love.
Like the sun that shines above,
That's dulled by clouds then still sublime.
Endless rays not known whereof.
Obscure rays a sweet paradigm.

My love is like the ocean's hand.
The waves trancing on the shore.
Leaving seashells, nothing more,
While taking castles from the sand.
Waves are sleek though but a door,
That lead to worlds more deep and grand.

My love for thee is like the moon,
Bathing glory with the night.
Sometimes dark save crescent light,
Though always lit for learning boon.
Love in darkness shines so bright,
When meets thine eyes thy will aswoon.

So is the love that I call mine,
True to heart though hidden well.
Covert majesty my spell,
That's cast upon thy mind; divine.
My once naive damozel,
Enlightened of the veiled sunshine.

You once looked in my eyes and spoke,
Just whats that supposed to mean.
Let me tell thee winsome queen.
That all my love thy do evoke,
Every action on this scene,
Intends for us be loving folk.

Jeeves Kel

© 2000