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Quality in Pesos

Teeny, tiny, spike-ity
Tangy music of the aftermath
Sticking into the dancing botanical lizards
Little spastic buds of plasmic indian welfare in a life
Of carny-infested pocket protectors
Metal and taffy quezzing in an infection of the urinary tract
That make the wheels go round
Singing of the melancholy of the forest fires of ancient persian rugs
Stepping on the flowered welcome mat that resides in a feather
Pillow which is usually used to beat the numbers into payphone
Uncoordinated intervals of liquid feathered dust which was used to
Glue the eggshell back together
Tiny strings that were not used to the smell of tapioca that was
Used to kill the humiliated grapes
Ecstatic smirks of bewilderment caressed upon the macaroni
Swelled in the gulliver until Jenny Craig was found feasting
On an overturned semi by Hostess
Looking beyond the hairballs of Jamaican quality pesos
Surfing in a glass of snozberry Seven-Eleven flavored goodness

By: Erin Kennedy
All Rights Reserved, 1999.

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