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Katy's Love Poem

By the sea; in the sand 
And the glow of the sun 
In a far-away land 
Together they run

Past the rocks and the waves They can hear and can see The corals and caves Which lie under the sea

Through the breakers they run And one trips and they laugh As one one pulls the other In the sea for a bath

They hold each other tightly The warm feelings coming up Just as they do nightly When in bed they snuggle up

They meet each other's gaze As they embrace there in the sand Amidst the crashing waves He takes her by the hand

Whispering words of love and devotion They stand at the shoreline of all the world's oceans Under the stars and the moon and the sun up above But none of these things can rival their love

...a memory of hopes that haven't come true? A dream of a wish that I pass on to you? What are these feelings which I write to you now? Perhaps they will happen...though I do not know how...

Brett Smithson
All Rights Reserved 2000.

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