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Universal Abandon

Ember inside, lost in ambition
Struggles to get free from its confined position
Soul searching and hungry for passions warm flame,
Seeking an unknown mystery to claim

The prize awaits, somewhere with roses,
With its crown of diamonds it sits and composes
Anticipation for an invasion awaited,
Twisting and turning , needs to be sated

Twilight begins as the two intermingle
Dancing slowly, the two no longer single
Passion takes hold, it frights and delights
Past the resolve It grows wings and takes flight

Humerous heartbeat So fast and so forward
Ever so lightly, carry me skyward
Extacy rockets itself into space
Making an intrance bold full of grace

Sounding a trumpet loud and full force
Keeping an honest steadfast true course
The path that its taking slowly winds down
Ebbs into flutters down to the ground

Cosmos still joined with loves first taste
Taken on a ride with brazen bold haste
Forever intwined Signatures exchanged
Through the depths of the universe lovers so changed
Never to return to the place so confined,
Universal abandon Free from chains for all time

By: Brandie
All Rights Reserved 2000.

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