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Both Lovers and Friends


Your sweet, emerald eyes,
Glowing and burning so deep in my heart.
Your sweet, verdant eyes,
Growing and yearning for love when we part.

Your winsome, silken skin,
Grasping and urging I hold back my mean.
Your winsome, dainty skin,
Gasping and splurging my sight on this scene.

Your rich, luscious hair,
Gliding and flowing so lithe in the breeze.
Your rich, voluptuous hair,
Guiding and showing my heart melodies.

Your fresh, savory scent,
Glazing and coating my soul with this balm.
Your fresh, redolent scent,
Gazing and floating abound with such calm.

Your lush, melodic laugh,
Banding and holding my heart 'til it's true.
Your lush, euphonic laugh,
Branding and molding my heart through and through.

Your divine, attractive gaze,
Binding and wielding a love for your own.
Your divine, alluring gaze,
Blinding and shielding from all that's not known.

Your warm, elaborate mind,
Bending and breaking all naught thoughts for us.
Your warm, intricate mind,
Blending and making all wrong things so just.

Your my, everlasting love,
Basing and hosting our bliss without ends.
Your my, eternal love,
Embracing and boasting both lovers and friends.

Jeeves Kel
All Rights Reserved, 2000.

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