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How the Story Goes

There is a story. We all know this story. We were born into this story. The key word in this story is PROGRESS. We are reminded of this story every time we see a hillside cut in half for the building of yet another interstate.

We are told this story without end each time we turn on the television, and we are forced to live this story each time we go to a job we hate so that we can simply earn enough green paper to trade for our "food".... and then, if you fall for the trick, you end up buying tons of stuff you do not need. Buy more, make more, buy more, on and on. We are reminded of this story even as we read the ingredients of our pre-packaged microwavable "food" brought to you by assembly line chemists.

We all know this story. Some of us have hieghtened our perception to the level where we can see the entire elaborate and self-destructive scheme. Some can only see what is in front of them, but whether they are aware of it or not, this story still permeates our lives. There is a system in place in which the few are happy. There are those who dream of the system's destruction. There are those trying to alter the system, and there are those who are trying to create a new one all together. On some level, I observe that we all know this system cannot go on forever; for it is a system of lies, restrictions and rules built upon a foundation of punishment and limitation, guilt and fear. It is a system that goes against the very essence of Life, producing things like violence, suicide, rape, murder, and many other things that had close to no existence in tribal societies. Our government tells us that we are free, but our society proves that we are not. Our outer world shows us that we are not free but merely slaves to this system. So we must go inward.

We must see past the illusion of this elaborate system. We must see past the illusion of our seperation, for I tell you, WE ARE FREE! Our slavery is an illusion. We are merely slaves to ourselves, setting our own limitations. Still, we can free ourselves from this! If what we desire is freedom, we must first free ourselves from our fears. Then, we must act out our freedom. We must, on an individual level, become free before our society can reflect that. You are free, you just don't know it... unless you do of course. You are free to be whatever and whoever you want. YOU ARE FREE TO CHANGE YOUR MIND! You are free to live as you please. You need only BELIEVE it for it to become real. So let us be silent slaves no more. Let us sing of our freedom. The time for quiet suffering is over. REJOICE and LOVE. It is these things that opens eyes. It is these things that heal, bring Life and motion. CREATE YOUR OWN MIND and do not let your mind be created by a self destructing system. Speak your created mind. Be silent no longer. Act as you know you are. YOU ARE WONDERFUL. YOU ARE PERFECT. There is nothing offensive, and you have no limitations save those you create for yourself. Go now and be. CREATE YOUR OWN STORY.

By: Christopher Michael Durai
All Rights Reserved, 2000.

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