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"Meaningless Rant #5,403"
Brett Smithson

I work for the Corporate Lie, which is the Gospel of Economic Salvation. The company says, "Look, our product will help you in your life. Things will be better if you buy our stuff, and let us help you."

The truth behind the Corporate Lie is that they do not care. The truth is I don't care and neither does anyone else. They buy and sell our souls to make a dollar and spit out when they are done. A gold pen or an engraved watch marks the occasion. Then, a pat on the back followed by a knife, and you're off to a retirement community in a warm place because your body cannot keep itself warm any longer. They herd you into a small duplex along with several hundred other "golden-aged persons" and there they raise you like cattle, a farm of worn-out, used-up people who long ago lost themselves to the economic machine. Long Live Consumerism.

All Rights Resereved 1-20-2000.

(This piece is supposed to have the mistakes in grammar and usage, in keeping with what the common man ranting would write like.)

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