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Poems Attributed to Genetica the First


The Seven Sisters piercing rays
Unseen at night unknown at day
Circling around you the azure glow
Of a thousand suns that do not know
Of the million forms of life that grow
Within their warm eternal glow

A million miles or more I cross
To see your Inferno; your holocaust
Of raging fires and piercing flame
Which no man could ever hope to contain
And only God himself could provide the rain
To quench your eternal and engulfing flame


A spark of light came forth
And splattered on the waves
Life began to stir in the underwater caves

Your seas are filled with heaven
Sparkling with life and light
Sunlight glazes the daytime and the moon lights up the night

Seven Sisters I have seen your childrens' many faces
Their unbridled joy of their varied various races
When others all have left and vanished without traces
Your people will have gone to all the universe's places

The Wicked Gnome

The gnome twisted and fell and cried
"I am afraid I'll go to hell if I die"
So he went to the nun and said
"What happens to you if you're dead"
She told him that he would fry
And boil in hell if he die
So the gnome said "Well at least,
Let me repent of my worldly feast."
So he kneel and he pray
And to this very day
He has lived the life of a priest


When interest is low and righteousness high
It certifies the fact that good things die
But when the moon understands that you told it a lie
Then leave the palace and tell it goodbye
Because somehow it wouldn't understand the lore
Of abandoned angels and Heaven's Door.

When you're tired of living for the Cossacks of the mind
Let loose the bonds of slavery and try to find
That hallucinations of another kind
Are just another sign that power can blind
And when you're tired of the spiritual matador
Why not try to find the way to Heaven's Door

If you want to be free then listen to me
And understand that all you need to see
Is that acceptance is gone
And destiny wrong
And my ship has been stolen and put out to sea
By the very same rival that gave you the key
The very same rival that came once more
When the bars were lifted off Heaven's Door

Let the children let loose their wily wills
Check the place where your soul tore up that hill
Allow the inner path to turn once more
As you begin your assault on Heaven's Door
Only blind men can see
And only fools can tell
The real differences between life and Hell

But nobody sees that undulating chill
That permeates the knowledge that love can kill
Love will kill you and I've said it before
Only blind men and fools can hear through the floor
To see if there's a lock on Heaven's Door

A bloody curtain was hung last night
Around the time that you snuffed out that light
Many men have answered but few survived
The savory caution of the genocide
Come with patience and it'll freeze your core
Unless you prevent it it'll leave once more
And down on the street after the rain
I was left in the shadows with the rats and the pain
And as I drifted into death I heard someone snore
That the Welcome mats been taken from Heaven's Door

A dove flew away as I awoke from the dream
But don't underestimate the things I have seen
When you challenge the riddle of life and beyond
Don't accidentally try and strengthen the bond
Unless you know that hate is blind
And fallacy is a state of mind
Don't try to think about it anymore
Or try to linger around Vishnu's store
Simply try and estimate the cause of the bore
And try to stay away from Heaven's Door

The storm of life has many winds
Some of them die to never live again
Some are created by a skillful mind
Most are unaware of the mists of time
Always are they changing and receiving the blame
Sometimes shifting like a songbird in the rain
A blind man can follow but partial is the path
But no one can escape a dead man's wrath
Love does nothing but feed off the hate
Of unyielding souls determined by fate
Permanent tentativeness is a varying thing
But so is the harm when it tries to sing
But one thing is there that wasn't there before
That tempting light shining beside Heaven's Door

Everybody has a right
To search and try to find the light
Don't worry if the time is right
Just hold on tight and try to fight
That feeling of eternal night
It only lasts a millisecond when it's dealing out the cards
But when the laughing is over it does seem very hard
Everybody's seen the moon and some have seen much more
But no one's ever seen the steps that lead to Heaven's Door

The harbinger of justice will come on his own
You cannot try to find him if you live all alone
A potentate knows and everyone agrees
That forced peace blows on a tumultuous breeze
Five thousand years may be enough time to
Penetrate the layer of a dehydrated mind
Even if the mill-man is dead upon the floor
Don't try to rescue him if it is a chore
Just ignite the beasts and don't inhale the spores
Of the tiny little poppies growing next to Heaven's Door

Small green lichens will grow on your face
If you never move your head from that awful place
When interest is low and gratitude high
Don't let the farmers try to sell the sky
For the sun is the sign of eternal grace
Which penetrates all parts of this perforated place

As Saint Molar knew, they can't remove the pain
Nor can they kill the lichens which cover the window pane
When Saint Molar died the clouds let loose a mighty roar
Which shook the foundations of Heaven's Door

Don't try to seek the answers if you're allergic to the pain
Just stand around the fire and call upon the rain
When the nighttime seems cloudy and the birds all seem to die
Don't cry and act so pouty just because the salt fell in your eyes
Answer the question that the moonlight keeps in store
And try to read the sign that hangs above Heaven's Door

Eternity is forever and forever isn't long
So pay attention to the weather and try to sing the song
Of a million storms churning through deepest blackest space
Or a single candle burning whichever is the case
Of the eighteen million suns that imploded when you said
That out of eighteen millions suns only one was dead
The cosmos knows what eternity has in store
For the endless rows of those who stand in line at Heaven's Door

The fire was started and the brimstone was alight
And the holographic laughter could be heard throughout the night
The candle was melting and so was the town
Everything exploded and the stars fell down
Down on the beachfront the ocean was red
From the combusted suns and the newly dead
I could see you standing over on the dock
The sunlight flared and so did the clock
You threw the flame and tied the score
But you didn't quite make it to Heavens' Door

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