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Poems, Attributed to Genetica the First


An Ameythyst glows
Through the night as it shows
The ultimate beauty of life
Yet the gem must give way
To a customer's pay
And be cut by the jeweler's knife


I see fragments of a memory
Shattered pieces of a melody
Telling me, Reminding me
Of a long lost history
Long since forgotten across the endless sea
I see faces of a family
Stricken by a tragedy
Calling me, Helping me
To recover a memory
Lost in the chaotic void which is inside of me
Oh my soul has been lost
To an unholy holocaust
When the wisdom of the ages
Blows past the gilded cages
And tears open golden pages of your mind
There's a certain monstrosity
Caused by integrity
That leads to a broken
Fragment of the memory
Lost in the chaotic void which is inside of me
Don't you ever come to us
Crystalline Prometheus
Never shall a day go by
That my heaven shall be an alibi
For the want of the memory
I die

The Dream

Her vision in my brain
Is all that still remains
I sit here on the ground
All alone and filled with pain
I try to shut my eyes
To escape the watching eyes
And as I drift to darkness
My mind lets out a sigh...

She cries and she wonders
What is the place that I have found
She whispers softly to herself
As she sits upon the ground
I hide and watch her from a distance
Never knowing what to say
The sun sinks slowly in the distance
In a melancholy way
The Night Bird unfolds it's wings
And settles on the land
And as I cower in the darkness
I take her by the hand...

At last I am awakening
I sit shivering and shaking
With the knowledge that
I'm all that's left
And the Earth is for the taking.

I wish that I knew
How it all came to this
This eternal state of tormenting
Unrelenting bliss
I was left here all alone without even a
And I think if she were here
I believe I'd take the risk...

An Age Gone

The old man grinned as the fog rolled in
The moon came out and the sun went in
A sad thought of a lost time went by
The old man blinked as he let out a sigh
A lonely girl let go a single tear
As she remembered the pain of that ultimate fear
The old man stood and shook hands with the wind
As the poor lost girl tried to make it all end
The night wore on
Now the screams have gone
The old man left
He'd forgotten the song
And the lonely girl still stands inside
The place she ran to when she tried to hide
And now the wind remains only in the mind
It too is gone. Nothing was left behind
Weeping Willow lend me your tears
Shade my eyes and hide my fears
For when everything is said and done
I'm all that's left sitting here under the sun

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