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Poems, Attributed to Genetica the First


Burnt Sienna
Big Burnt Umber
Comes and goes and goes to slumber
Big Fat Whale
Big Fat Fanny
There goes a Big Fat Greasy Granny


What do you do when they take the knife
Make a cut
What do you do when they forget your name
They say you're not sane
Who do you blame

What do you do when it all comes crashing down
Try not to drown
Keep your head above ground
Or else you won't be found


Listening to the chorus sing
One is reminded of the planetary dream
A solar ring
A service which is constantly living
No one is sure of the outcome
No one is sure where it came from
But here it is
And the light certainly shows it

"credo" shouted the peasants
"life is not that pleasant"
They never let it happen before

Out of the darkness on wings
Came the beacon which sings
The last refugees hid from it

The fluorescent moths shimmered down
As fireflies
And a cold moon called them up.
The galaxies hum with a harmony
Unknown in that place
And as inevitable as night
The shutdown shudders with death

Ballad of Buffalo Bill

Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Bill
Was constipated so he took a pill
Went to the bathroom
Kicked out the cat
Got stuck in the pot
Cause his butt was too fat

Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Bill
Drank enough wine to get his fill
He ate some wienies and he ate some souse
Farted so big it blew up the house

Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Bill
Fell in love with a girl named Jill
Jill was skinny
Jill was thin
She got stuck in his butt, was never heard from again

Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Bill
Biggest man in Sycamore Hill
His butt was big
His girth was wide
TWENTY FEET from side to side

On the day that Bill turned 39
He sat on the toilet and all seemed fine
But his butt started growing and soon he found
It grew off the pot and hit the ground
It grew so fast it crawled on the floor
Down the hall and out the door
Before Buffalo Bill could stand
It covered the Earth and covered the land

(All Rights Reserved by Genetica's sole descendant, Brett Smithson. 1999.)

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