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      To submit your work to this electronic magazine, you have only to send an email to this address with the word Submission in the subject line, and follow a scant few guidelines for the type of work you are submitting. That is all there is to do!

  • Prose and Poetry
    Just send in the body of email or as a plain .txt file, or type in a description of the piece and the url where it is located online. The editor will then move the said work to this site.

  • Art and Photography
    Formats allowed: .jpg and .gif. Either provide url or send as an attachment. Or inquire about sending directly to the site.

  • Music
    Formats allowed: .ra, .wav, .mp3. Send as a file attachment.

  • Articles
    Articles on just about anything are accepted. Any length is fine. Send as text of email or .txt file attachment.

    With any submission from new talent a one-time brief (2-3 paragraphs) biographical piece is requested.

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